creekside bed and breakfast in templeton california in the heart of the paso robles wine country


The Spa at the Creekside Bed & Breakfast
offers exceptional in-room spa services exclusively for our guests.
Each Spa indulgence offers a unique and unforgettable experience...whether your body aches for a time-honored ancient warm stone massage, an invigorating organic grape seed scrub, or a peaceful lavender and patchouli aromassage, we offer something for all our guests including several luxury spa wellness treatments, personalized spa & suite vacation packages. Here, your enjoyment is our job!



Spa Menu
90/60 min Vineyard Escape $175/120
An amazing sensory escape evoking wine elements infused in rich oils that
soothe dehydration and relax sore, tired muscles. This full body massage is the ultimate in wine country pampering!

90 min Warm Basalt Stone $185
Ancient, exotic oils glide over sore tired muscles using heated elemental basalt stones to soothe the body into complete relaxation and a tranquil state of harmony that continues through the day and night. A perfect
warming treatment as the scent of grapes linger in the air.

60 min Therapeutic Escape $115
This full one hour body massage replete with exotic aromas, warm oils, and intuitive massage therapy, is especially designed to comfort weary wine connoisseurs, restoring and affirming holistic health and harmony.

30 min Stress Reduction
$ 75
Perfect for those looking to unwind when time is limited. Body work is focused on sore, aching muscles in the neck, shoulders, and lower back.

Body Therapy
60 min Vine Inspired Scrub $120

Complete with rich organic grape elements overflowing in natural skin softening nutrients along with a unique blend of aroma-exfoliants to soften and gently renew the skin, this spa therapy is especially invigorating, hydrating and beautifying; recommended for revealing your inner glow.

60 min Vanilla & Neroli Scrub $120

Warm sugared herbs and tangy citrus soften and renew the skin, leaving the
body hydrated and radiant. Sweet orange oil fills the room, delighting the
senses, changing the mood, and invigorating the body. This unique treatment is perfect alongside any of our spa treatments. Indulge!

Facial Therapy
90 min Indulgent Escape $165
A natural relaxing, and stress releasing facial massage treatment using organic minerals found in marine elements. Several essential
oils are layered to relax the face, neck and shoulders. Includes a nourishing hand and foot treatment.

60 min Harmony & Balance $115

One hour or pure bliss, this facial massage therapy, relaxes and improves circulation to the face, scalp, and upper body. Includes
aromatherapy and a delightful hand massage.

30 min Peace & Serenity $75
Rare herbs and exotic oils calm the body, mind and spirit, as pressure points on the face and scalp are massaged to increase relaxation
and a sense of peace & well-being.




Hands & Feet
60 min Pure Bliss $115
The hands and feet are pathways to all internal body systems. Alone, or in concert with any other spa treatment, the entire body is relieved
of tension and deep relaxation is acheived with this wonderful therapy. Highly skilled therapists combine warmed essential oils following an invigorating scrub, as you drift into a deep state of relaxation. Unforgettable!

30 min Hands/Feet $75

Spa Rituals
Vine Inspired Retreat 2 hrs. $235

Any 2 60 min Spa Treatments
Tuscan Delight! 3 hrs. $345

90 min Vineyard Escape Massage

60 min Vine Inspired Scrub

30 min Peace & Serenity Facial Therapy

Escape, Indulge, and Emerge a New You!
essential oils, innovative spa products, advanced spa therapies all of our treatments are custimized for both men & women

Advanced reservations required

48 hr cancellation required *1 hr minumum per person

Spa For 2 Requires advance reservations
90 min Massage For 2 $345
60 min Massage For 2 $245
60 min Maternity Massage $125

Wine, Suite & Spa
We offer several popular seasonal suite
and spa packages, please ask for details.
*Facial massage therapies are performed by certified massage therapists, are non-invasive, non-esthetic, and are solely for the purpose of relaxation and to increase a sense of well-being; they are not intended to treat, groom, correct, or improve any particular
skin condition.



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